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Vrij CLB Leuven collaborates with many welfare and health services:

There are cooperation agreements with

Vrij CLB Leuven works together with

  • General Welfare Work (AWW)

  • Special Youth Assistance (BJB)

  • Centers for Mental Health Care (CGG)

  • Centers for Student Guidance (CLB)

  • Child and Family (K&G)

  • Centers for Integrated Family Care (CIG)

  • Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities (VAPH)

Vrij CLB Leuven is also part of regional partnerships

  • Regional consultation

  • CLBs and the Centers for Mental Health Care and the Child Psychiatric Hospitals of East Brabant

  • Local Consultation Platforms for Equal Educational Opportunities (LOP)

  • Local health consultation (LOGO)


The CLB works closely with


Furthermore, CLB employees are present at regular meetings

  • Parenting support network

  • The platforms for problematic parenting situations

  • Working group ROM gypsies

  • Consultation platform for assistance for immigrant youth

  • Integration Council of the Province of Flemish Brabant

  • School dropout workgroup consultation truancy prevention project Leuven police

  • Leuven drug prevention consultation


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