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Free CLB Leuven


Center for student guidance for Free and Municipal Education VZW

Do you haveto askaboutlearning, choice of study, health, feelings, behavior or relationships?

CLB staff help students, parents and teachers.

They also providemedical examinations and vaccinations.

Do you wantknowing more? Read and watch heremore about our operation.

Are youother language? Or do you speak Dutch, but don't understand everything yet? Then you will findherewith information.

Looking for information about the educational landscape and fields of study?
Looking for a listening ear when the CLB is closed?


  • You can find our current vacancies published on the VDAB websitehere

  • Spontaneously apply for a job? Send your CV to (director)

In de kijker


Bekijk en lees hier meer over het verloop van het eerste systematische contactmoment en ontwikkeling van jonge kleuters.

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