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Contact moment (medical examination):

We invite students during their school careerfive timesout for a 'systematic contact momentat the Club.

Itfirst systematic contact momenthappens in the course of thefirst kindergarten class:

  • The parents fill in a questionnaire in advance:​

    • Questions about the development and health of the preschooler: ​What can your child already do, what does your child like to do, ...?

  • We examine ALL preschoolers

  • What is being investigated?

    • the length

    • the weight

    • the eyes

    • the ears: we ask whether there are risk factors for hearing problems and, if necessary, do a hearing test. I


How does theorganizationof this first contact moment?

  • The location of the research can differ from school to school: depending on the accommodation of the school, the need for explanation in the school, the location of the school in relation to the CLB location, ....

  • In most schools, the CLB nurses conduct these examinations at the school itself. The CLB operation is explained to the parents who want to be present and, if necessary, the research is discussed.

  • In a number of schools, parents are always invited together with their toddler for this first contact moment (health days).


If parents are concerned or at the request of the school or a CLB employee, an appointment can be made at the medical service of the CLB together with the doctor, the nurse and possibly the anchor (or another CLB employee).



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