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Employee accessibility

How do you contact the CLB employee(s) at your school?

Each school has a school team. This school team consists of a CLB anchor, a doctor, a nurse, and a person responsible for your student file. They work together in a multidisciplinary team, where they can also call on other colleagues.

  • The CLB anchor is responsible for all guidance that has to do with learning, study choice and well-being.

  • The CLB doctor and nurse are responsible for medical examinations, vaccinations and measures in the event of contagious diseases.


Do you want to know who you can contact? Then look for the employeesHEREby selecting your school first.

Each employee can be reached by email: first name.last

Each employee can also be reached via a personal mobile number.

Accessibility during school holidays

Also during the school holidays that the CLB is open, parents and students can contact the CLB with their questions for information and advice. It is then not always possible to speak to the CLB anchor of the own school. His or her agenda is known at the CLB reception. Pupils who want to discuss a possible switch to another study program can best request an appointment on those days by calling 016/28 24 00.

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